12 Women In STEM & Studying Failing

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This is where the K2AV team does the ground work to find practical information that educators can apply, ponder, and discuss to move the needle 1% further . So here it is:


An event educators are getting year 10 – 12 students to attend

  1. The Innovators’ Tea Party STEM Networking Event. 8 different speed-networking sessions allowing year 10-12 students to meet with 12 women working in a range of STEM fields. Students can ask questions one-on-one, and get to meet mentors passionate about their field. The aim is to empower more young women to pursue STEM based careers. Held on 11th and 18th August.


Most shared education article

10+ Genius School Ideas That You Wish You Had At School. A collection of some of the most innovative (and practical) ideas implemented by schools, universities, and colleges around the world. Giant 4 storey slides on campus for the win!


STEM funding schools are applying for 

Transforming a classroom to a new science lab. 100 WA public primary schools have already been allocated part of the $17M funding to transform an existing primary school classroom to a science lab. Belmont Primary School is the first to be completed, whereas another 100 schools can still apply, with expressions of interest open until 17th August.


A talk (still!) impacting the way teacher’s teach

Joshua Foer’s deliberate practice model. In this 17 minute talk Joshua lays out a roadmap, a how-to, that students can follow to become exceptional at any skill they desire. Joshua isn’t just theorising, he put this into practice by going from a freelance journalist to the USA Memory Champion in under 12 months. He set a new record of memorising a deck of 52 cards in 1 minute and 40 seconds. Joshua did this with no prior experience, or skill in the area. His journey was documented in his New York Times Bestseller Moonwalking With Einstein.

Key takeaway:
Experts push themselves beyond that auto-pilot zone and study how they fail (where your brain needs to start thinking consciously about what you’re doing). By studying how they fail when they push beyond this limit, experts pinpoint the areas that need improvement – this is how to accelerate learning. For example if you type faster than you feel you’re comfortable doing and see where you start to make mistakes you’ll automatically illuminate the area/skill that needs work.


WA school achievement that educators are proud of

Vasse Primary School’s world record for the largest number of students dressed up as Dr Seuss characters.


Some Inspo for the Week



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