Epson Projectors

As undeniable leaders in the projection industry, Epson strives continuously to serve homes, educational institutions, and small businesses, besides corporate houses, with their unparalleled features of color and clarity, and other unique features that is the hallmark of their brand.

Acclaimed as the best Multimedia Projectors in the world today, the Epson home theatres, powered as they are with the 3LCD technology for projection, never fail to impress the home viewers by their high-definition pictures on cinema size screens. Stunning and brilliant quality images give you a remarkable experience because each Epson projector has undergone calibration for equal white brightness and color.

The Epson home theatre range includes projectors that are HD-Ready, Full HD, 3D and comprehensive all-in–one projectors, loaded with special features for big screen application, and are easy to install and run. You have the models Epson EH-TW480 to EH-TW 8100 catering to the cinematic and gaming sectors and model EH-DM30HD with built-in DVD, DIVX and stereo speakers. Sports, cinema and gaming lovers will enjoy the thrills of the big screen that deliver high definition entertainment in your living rooms.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 Projector with 1080p and 3-D Capability

Epson Projector using the 3LCD technology, fits just about any room and making adjustments are easy too. With 2000 lm color brightness and a white brightness of 2000 lm, this projector packs a punch of vividness, color and lifelike figures on the screen.

It has a reach of 300-inches for throwing the images on a wall or a home theatre screen, and comes equipped with its own integrated audio system and speakers negating the need for an external audio system. A pair of HDML ports and MHL connectivity features helps to enhance the quality and sharpness of the pictures.
The many inbuilt color modes in the projector help to optimize the pictures for diverse settings and continue to give you a lovely display on the screen. Moreover, you can connect to multiple sources with the help of the HDML splitter available in the projector. There is no need to search for an external splitter.

The projector has a guaranteed lamp life of 5000 hours and supports a wide-screen aspect ratio of 19:9, and a contrast ratio of 15,000:1. The projector comes with options for front, rear or ceiling mount.

Epson EX5200 Business Projector (XGA Resolution 1024×768) (V11H368120)

If you need an LCD projector for a power point presentation for marketing sessions, this projector is ideal, as you get it as a portable unit, with its own carrying vase, and a simple setup with sharp pictures. Most importantly, you can dispense with the laptop. Instead, plug in the USB thumb drive that has the power-point presentation, and go ahead. It is as simple as that. This small projector delivers a bright and sharp picture, but the speakers, though they may serve a small presentation room adequately, will not work for a bigger conference or banquet hall, where you may have to resort to a more powerful external speaker system.