iPad Classroom

IPad Classroom-revolutionizing communication and Educational Institutions Introduction

Who can deny the emergence of the iPad as an almost indispensable tool in the educational field today? However, some educationists worry about the iPad taking center stage in schools and pushing the students to the sidelines. These opposing schools of thought encourage us to get to the truth of the matter and the future of iPad in educational institutions. While on the subject, would you not like to know about the iPad’s evolution from its medieval origins to what it represents today?

The Classroom Revolution

You can trace Classroom technology to its origins in Mesopotamia with the use of thee Abacus in 2700 BCE. A series of developments followed:

  • 14 th century saw the wax tablets(wood slates covered by a layer of wax) in Turkey
  • The 1950s saw language labs churning out learning material and the students used earphones
  • The tear 1951 saw the effective advent of the videotapes
  • 1957 saw B.F. Skinner’s teaching machine
  • 1950s and 1960s saw the slide projectors
  • In the 1950s Apple came out with the world’s first successful desktop
  • 1991 saw the useful introduction of the Interactive Whiteboard
  • 2001 saw Wikipedia’s advent
  • In 2006 the first laptop arrives, but had problems of affordability
  • Windows XP tablets was the precursor to the iPad
  • The launch of the iPad in 2010 revolutionized communication on the move and especially influenced educational institutions and the way we learn.

The Future

Though the engineers are still developing the hardware beta and their focus is on gaming, the “Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset”, with its astounding technology, affordable price and Rift’s strong broadband support, many concede, may turn out as the next big classroom technology wizard.

IPad benefits in classrooms

As we see classrooms all over the world adapting to iPads with alacrity, one wonders why this device has become such a powerful tool for teaching and learning. Here are some of the primary benefits that iPads serve:

Multifunctional and timesaving

Its true multi-functionality allows it to play multiple roles including that of a web browser, communicator, musical instrument, word processor, camera, and assessment tool among others. Covering all these activities in one-device accounts for saving of time and money.

Structured education

The iPad is a perfect tool for a distinctive learning process in which the teacher takes a backseat.

Locating, Evaluating, Synthesizing and Communicating

The traditional classroom learning processes have given way to the modern methods that include location of information, its evaluation, synthesis and distribution through communication, and the iPad is an ideal tool for all these operations.

24/7 Application

These are the days of flexible learning and the iPad, with the support of the Internet allows for interactive learning at any place and at any time.


The iPad designers have ensured an easy interface, helping the user to focus more on the content than spending time trying to learn its technology.


With its all day battery life and quick boot-up and shutdown time, the iPad proves a trustworthy companion for all times.

The original zeal for more and more apps started dying down and the students recognized the iPad’s potential and discovered a myriad other constructive ways for using it in the classrooms. The new advent of the iPad started revolutionizing the classroom environment replete with inspiration and ingenuity. Importantly, the iPad, only three years into its launch, promises a long and eventful innings with the classrooms of today and tomorrow.