Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards-Poised To Become a 1.85 Billion Market In 2018

Normally they refer to a large interactive display that uses a projector to project the computer’s desktop onto the surface of the board, or Interactive Whiteboard. Here anyone can control the computer by using a stylus, pen or finger or other device to project the pictures on to a typical wall mounted board or one with a tripod or other type of floor stand.

This technology has been around for over 10 years, but its first design intended only to service the more perceptive corporate world. Only the last few years have brought this technology within the financial reach of the educational institutions due to the general cost reduction in electronics.

Of late, interactive whiteboards have risen on the popularity charts because they serve a clear diversity of functions, You can expect an exponential growth in the years ahead; especially considering the revolution, this tool can usher into a classroom learning experience.

How it helps in classrooms

Evidence is growing to show that effective interactive whiteboards prove as a great asset to any institution of learning, helping in both student engagement and learning, with enhanced results obtained while combining the use of these tools along with questioning programs with good strategies and student response systems. It provides an excellent medium for student teacher communication and helps to bring the wonders of the outside world into the classrooms for the students to have an altogether new learning experience.

The results of the researchers indicated that

  • A 16-percentile point increase in the student’s accomplishment
  • The voting devices that encouraged the students to answer questions correctly, and have them displayed instantaneously on the interactive whiteboard, gave the fillip to increase the percentile by 26 points
  • Using downloaded clips from the Internet sites like Google Earth, charts and graphs, showed a 26-percentile point gain in student achievement
  • Practices using the interactive whiteboard “reinforce” to drag and drop the right answers into the apt locations represented a 31-percentile point gain

How to squeeze utmost from the system

To extract the best results from the Interactive board, the teachers must:

  • Develop the digital flipcharts only after dissecting the information into smaller absorbable segments
  • Make sure that visuals on the important information are an essential part of flipcharts
  • Elicit maximum student opinions from a maze of correct and incorrect answers
  • Expand the student’s focus on why an answer is correct or incorrect, while using reinforcing features such as virtual assault.

The Global Industry Analysts predict that the interactive whiteboard market will grow to a 1.85 billion market by the year 2018, especially with spirally increasing demand from emerging markets like China and India.