Males in WA Flocking to Primary Teaching

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Most discussed (and debated) article by educators

The NAPLAN Results Are In. Here’s what you need to know. In summary,

  1. The validity of the results and process has been questioned, with scathing criticism of the system by renowned US assessment authorities, however,
  2. Primary school students continue to improve in reading, spelling, and grammar,
  3. Yet, in writing the scores dipped to the lowest ever since the national tests were introduced a decade ago.


What educators have found really valuable

The most confusing set of words in the English language, not only for young people but adults alike, is the correct use of “there, their, and they’re.” These homophones have forever been a thorn to teach. So we sourced some images online and put them into an easy visual representation that has helped many differentiate, and understand THEIR appropriate use:

What’s making teachers laugh (and cry at the same time)

25 Best Teacher Memes. #14 actually made us laugh out loud, a real LOL.


Hack educators are using to combat phone addiction

Change your screen to grayscale. For iPhone : Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut > Colour Filters. Now, you just press the home button three times to enable greyscale. Triple-click again to go back to colour.

To combat phone addiction, enable greyscale on your phone. It might not cure your addiction completely, but certainly Instagram and Snapchat (and Facebook) are going to be a lot less appealing in black and white than they are in technicolor.” – Tristan Harris.


Most shared education Facebook videos

Males in WA flocking to primary school teaching, and,
WA primary school embraces staff with down syndrome and autism.
Showcasing examples that WA educators are setting for the rest of the country…and world!

P.S. Our “Super AV Girls” (image below) had a lot of fun meeting all the business managers and school officers at the WAECSSA conference last week. And as promised all attendees receive a 10% discount off any quotes approved before 21st September 2018 – just mention your name, we will verify from our list 🙂


Some images from our Super AV stand at the WAECSSA conference:


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