Category: Large Venues

The standard large venue undercover area solution. Replicated across 50+ primary and secondary schools across the state. With a bright widescreen projector, a huge motorised screen, controller, and audio setup – schools are able to conduct school-wide assemblies, student performances, and larger presentations which weren’t possible before.
The iconic, highest-performing, and largest public school in Western Australia originally built in 1970s was issued a complete $50M+ rebuild. The audio visual solution, to match the reputation of the school, was to provide the frontline of resources that would aid the staff to achieve greater heights. With 60+ classrooms, a recording studio, a media room, an outdoor audio solution, a lecture theatre, and staff room solution comprised one of the most advanced audio visual fit-outs for a public school at the time.
The busiest bar in the Perth clubbing scene, regularly hosting a sold out night many times a week. A complete audio fit-out was designed and undertaken for this space under a strict time-frame. 4 x 18” sub woofers, and several high-fidelity Quest tops provide a powerful audio solution for the dance floor. With 3 x 12” sub woofers and 12 tops for indoors. Housed and installed within custom-built structures to match the trendy low profile look of the bar.