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This is where the K2AV team does the ground work to find practical information that educators can apply, ponder, and discuss to move the needle 1% further . So here it is:


Grants and competitions that educators are excited about  –

  1. Western Power’s Circuit Breakers program which is a 10 week STEM program for Year 4 – 6 students where each successful school receives 2 x 3D printers and course material to help explore what it takes to provide electricity to the community. Schools can apply until June 22nd via Western Power’s website.
  2. Promethean’s most creative video competition to win 1 of 15 interactive touch screens. The competition requires a short 5 minute video to be created and submitted before 4th September 2018 which showcases why your class and/or school would benefit from the grant of a Promethean interactive screen. As inspiration there is an example video of last year’s winner.
  3. And one that just ended – the Australian Aeronautical Velocity Challenge designed to address the shortage of scientists and engineers in Australia. There is a $5,000 student prize pool and two junior (Year 7 – 9) and senior (Year 10 -12) divisions that compete to create a bottle rocket, propellor powered plane, and drone, and battle their creations against others. The national finals were held last week.

A complete list of competitions sorted by curriculum group is here.


Most shared education article –

How To Ensure Students Are Actively Engaged and Not Just Compliant. The article outlines 8 qualities to help measure engagement.


Safest interest browser to use at school –

The Brave Browser. Developed by the creator of the JavaScript programming language with the aim to block all ads, trackers, and other methods that browsers employ to violate a user’s privacy. Also claims to be the fastest browser and one with an ‘incognito’ mode that is actually private.


What’s making educators laugh: A museum trip with 60 school kids 

People can’t contain themselves with this dad’s live tweets of a museum trip.


Most shared Facebook videos around education –

Pitch 1 and Pitch 2 of “Pay Teachers The Same As Politicians” from the Gruen TV show. Pitch 2 seems to have taken the honours, however the segment has further fuelled a discussion around the topic of teacher pay again.


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