Theater Projectors

Large Interactive Theater Projectors- Offering Value for Money


Ideal for small theaters and auditoriums seating over 400 viewers, the new type of theater projectors called the “large interactive projectors” no longer need you to install the expensive whiteboards, but instead, come with a host of innovative new features that make viewing a professional experience and a pleasure. The features of these new projectors encompass a comprehensive package that gives a very new perspective in learning with PC-free connectivity that has an HDMI input and a dual pen control.

Short-Throw Design

Such projectors can conveniently project vividly clear images to a screen-size of about 100 inches or 2.45 meters. Additionally, you can use its short-throw design feature to project images of size 46 inches (116.8 cm) from as little a distance of 27 cm, and at the same time annotate (add footnotes) without the disturbing shadows.

Self Sufficient

Most large-screen Interactive Projectors come as self-sufficient units including the projector, a wall-mount, and dual digital pens that facilitate the teacher and students to work simultaneously, using a “hover” application that renders the pens far more responsive than the erstwhile models, and senses the pen’s position even when not in contact with the projected area.

Easy Installation and Operation

Features such as the driver-less installation and automatic calibration facilitate quick and effortless setting up of the unit for operation. A great advantage here is that you do not need a dedicated screen such as an expensive whiteboard, and can well project the images onto a wall surface. The easy installation and the friendly user interface, including the quick plug-in and turn-on, endear this projector to its users. The automatic image calibration function, the built-in 16W speaker and the instant annotation tool that allows you expediently to draw on any projected video or other background without even switching on your video, are the amazing features of this projector system.


You have three options for mounting, and can mount it the way that will give you maximum benefit for the intended application. You can mount it on the wall or the ceiling, or on the underside of a desk, that actually facilitates groups working with a host of multimedia files or documents.

Longevity and Low Operational Costs

Most of these large-screen Interactive Projectors enjoy low running costs and a lamp life of over 4000 hours and a filter life of 5000 hours if you run it in an Eco mode.

Image Quality

Most of these projectors use the 3LCD technology that provides for super-quality natural and vivid pictures that show the pronounced color, white and black output in high-definition clarity induced by the HDMI input even in daylight. The additional features of these projectors normally include:

  • Extremely bright white/color output of about 2600 Lumens
  • The ultra-short throw feature that greatly lessens the incidence of glare and shadows
  • The interactive feature allowing for horizontal and vertical operation
  • Large projection images reaching 100 inches
  • Easy user-interface with automatic light calibration and dual pens

Advantages of using an interactive projector set up

  • Dual pen interactivity, PC-free
  • Inbuilt Annotation technology that allows users the facility of interacting with projected images with the help of a wireless or wired LAN, PC, Blue-ray projectors, tablets, document cameras, VCRs, or what have you.
  • Comes with a wall mounted touch-screen controller
  • The customized software helps in touch control for almost all daily actions
  • Wireless capability allowing for sending information from diverse devices
  • Education models come with heavy duty speakers of about 30W capacity