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Boardroom Perth – Improving Meeting Room AV Equipment

The Secret to a Productive Office – Boardroom Must Have – Audio Visual Equipment

The Boardroom Perth must have, the Meeting Room Scheduling Panel, Creston TSS 770, scheduling your life so you can live it.

A screen that sits outside of the boardroom may seem pointless and not worth the time to consider, but an office without order is an office in chaos. It doesn’t matter how fancy the equipment, products or devices within the boardroom or meeting room are, they are a wasted investment if things aren’t organised efficiently.

We at K2 Audio Visual Perth love this system because it tells us which meeting rooms Perth are booked or unoccupied, and it can even tell us about the up-and-coming events in that meeting room, boardroom or conference room.

The meeting room booking panel comes in two sizes, a seven-inch touchscreen and a ten-inch touchscreen, letting you touch to book your meetings, and scroll through the plans for the room that day. When the room is booked the panel turns red to give people an indication of its status, turning green when it becomes vacant again. This is done by illuminated finders that sit on top of the room, letting people know through a passing glance of the rooms availability.

Being super easy to use, the AV system connects with any calendar software imaginable. With us using Office 365, we set up an email for the boardroom at our domain, meaning that anytime someone invites their email to their meeting the room is booked for them. You can also book from any device. Whether I set the meeting up in a particular room, you can do this on your laptop, phone, or alternative device with ease. You can get a Microsoft Teams specific or Zoom Room specific interface which means all the workflow can look the same, regardless of whether it is a Microsoft Team’s Office or Zoom office.

A unique feature to the Creston TSS 770 which we cannot help but love is that you can pair it with an occupancy sensor. Although the occupancy sensor sounds like fancy device, it used infrared and ultrasonic to detect whether anyone is in the room. This means that if the room is booked but the people don’t show up, the room releases itself for anyone else to book. There is the additional benefit for IT and facilities managers is that they can log into the room and see how long it was active for, who books it frequently and how many hours it is being used. This feature helps to make smart decisions regarding their investment of the products in the room and whether they’ve been used.

Understanding why these are boardroom must haves is understanding that these are not standalone products. When we install these, we decide on what is the best solution for the client’s needs regarding that meeting room or boardroom. We then recommend the appropriate scheduling panel for that solution. An indication of the price is roughly around the $2,000 mark, including a full Audio Visual Installation by our Audio Visual Technicians.

Hear more about the Creston TSS 770 Scheduling Panel on our YouTube Chanel here.

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