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Education PA Systems

Instant paging, messaging, and emergency announcements campus-wide at the press of a button. Also ability to designate zones across the campus where audio can be played from various different sources.

With audio over Ethernet, using existing network infrastructure, audio can be played in real-time without running complex cabling grids, and enabling audio and messaging in areas which wasn’t previously an option.

Education AV PA System Solutions

K2AV team has specialist audio engineers, having installed one of the largest background audio systems in the state. Designed the AV technology for hospitals, retail stores, and nightclubs – we are very well equipped to design and deploy the best education audio solutions.

With advancements in technology, audio solutions are very cost-effective and incredibly flexible. With the ability to route audio, from various sources, to many endpoints like never before.

Previously complex cable runs that involved trenching from one part of a site to another, and then finding a suitable path for a cable to connect each speaker to the base unit was the only option for amplified audio.

Now, over Ethernet, audio solutions can deployed anywhere with ease and minimal cabling. Saving on expansive labour costs.

Also the quality and flexibility is far superior from older analog solutions.

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