Council Chambers

Government Council Chambers

Arguably the most important space in a government council, where key decisions are made that can impact the entire local community. Also a space notorious for inefficiencies in meetings, predominantly due to repetitive tasks taking place that should be automated.

The importance of well designed audio visual solution for this solution cannot be overstated. It can be the difference in hours of executives time being wasted, or efficient outcomes with functionality that didn’t exist prior.

Government Council Chambers

K2AV has been engaged by consultants to design the future of government council chambers in WA. Using technology to get executives in and out of meetings quicker, while improving outcomes.

Automating the setup of various different outcomes at the touch of a button, presentation options for the audience and community members, one touch selection/mute of active speaker with complete control by chairperson, live-streaming & recording for future reference, and relaying audio to different meeting rooms across the council. These are custom-designed solutions that can be built into an existing council chambers to improve workflow.

Get in and out of meeting quicker with better outcomes. K2AV has installed audio visual solutions in 2,000+ meeting spaces that has helped cut down meeting times by 20%.

Ranging from simple plug and play displays, to interactive solutions, to custom automated wireless solutions, to video conferencing. The right solution for your meeting space, be it a small huddle room, to an executive boardroom, can impact your results, minimise time wasted, and be the driver of innovation. Get the most of our meeting and boardroom spaces by having the right audio visual solution complement the space and your business requirements.


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Definitely not. Majority of our corporate solutions are for Small and Medium Businesses. The investment in AV has helped grow these businesses dramatically.

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