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Corporate Huddle Spaces

The new era of workplaces, is less meetings in confined dedicated spaces, with large groups of attendees, and more the impromptu open small huddle spaces with groups of up to 4 people. These huddle spaces are small nooks, lounge-type open areas, and even spaces against a wall with a display and a small table.

Becoming an increasingly core part of a business’s workflow is quick access to these “on-the-go” discussions spaces that must be equipped with the right audio visual equipment to collaborate, share, discuss, and create breakthroughs.

Corporate AV Huddle Space Solutions

As a basic setup, these huddle spaces house a single display, with the ability for a few staff to gather and use it as a means of presenting and having a discussion.

To a more advanced version, where staff can gather to conference clients, suppliers, partners, etc., live stream/share the content real time, host a webinar, annotate a document, or collaborate with other staff in other huddle spaces across their office.

Aside from the efficiency and functionality, the key aspect of a huddle space is its minimalistic feel – this requires thought behind aesthetics, functionality, and workflow. K2AV’s has in-house experts with design experience, who are trained in merging aesthetics alongside functionality, a rarity in a technical industry.

Get in and out of meeting quicker with better outcomes. K2AV has installed audio visual solutions in 2,000+ meeting spaces that has helped cut down meeting times by 20%.

Ranging from simple plug and play displays, to interactive solutions, to custom automated wireless solutions, to video conferencing. The right solution for your meeting space, be it a small huddle room, to an executive boardroom, can impact your results, minimise time wasted, and be the driver of innovation. Get the most of our meeting and boardroom spaces by having the right audio visual solution complement the space and your business requirements.

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Both are meeting spaces. However a huddle space is typically a smaller, tight-knit, impromptu open meeting space. A meeting room is more of a bookable, closed space. Huddle rooms, as its title eludes to, is a space to “huddle” with 2-5 staff members to quickly have a discussion or collaborate on a solution.

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