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The audio visual solution in these larger performance spaces is the determinant on how well the space is used. A poor AV solution can waste the sizeable investment required to build such a multi-purpose space. And we have seen this many times in the past, where a solution provider has been engaged with limited experience in deploying solution in these more complex areas.

A custom-designed audio visual solution should automate repetitive tasks to set up the space for the various purposes that the space may be used for, along with many that you may not see at its outset.

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With in-house programmers, and internationally CTS certified engineers – K2AV has designed the audio visual technology for many performance spaces in WA. Having even designed the entire AV technology for Singapore General Hospital.

Our skillset is accounting for starting with using the most reliable commercial grade equipment that will work every time without fail, then future proofing by leaving room for expansions and uses that may not be evident now, and then gearing the entire design around ease of use.

Even the greatest solution in the world, if it takes too long to setup and cumbersome to operate – there will be resistance when it comes to using it.

Projection solutions typically form the basis of the visual aspect of the large venue solution. With large venue laser projectors catering for a bright, maintenance-free, solution that can serve many purposes.

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I would be weary of a company that promises they are capable of doing both the AV and lighting in-house. There is no company that specialises in both. We have an ongoing partnership with one of the premier lighting companies in Perth, and when designing the lighting component of a theatre solution we lean on them.

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