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Undercover Area & Assemblies

With the number of students in each school increasing each year – the space and presentation tools required to address all students and staff in one location has become increasingly more important.

Undercover area, and gymnasium presentation solutions have been one of the fastest growing spaces in education that we’ve worked on. Having to design creative AV solution to turn halls, sports, and other general covered spaces into whole school assembly, performance, and presentation areas.

Education AV Undercover Area Solutions

We’ve fitted out 1000+ large venue spaces in schools, and colleges.

The cost of large venue projection, large displays, and LED walls has decreased over the years – which has allowed us to innovate and design solutions that wow an audience with the image size, while being incredibly cost effective.

In many cases, due to the large display, audio, and control capability, these spaces have started to double up as an other performing & theatre area.

Large venue projection for image sizes of 100″ to 210″ is now affordable for most schools. A few years ago this was cost prohibitive for the majority of education organisations.

Projection is the most cost-effective means of creating a large image for everyone in the area to see. And with the brightness of these projectors, it is a thing of the past, that natural light will prohibit visibility.

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