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With the ever increasing need to update students, staff, and other visitors in different parts of the school. Amplified by the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

Along with changing menu items, promoting the school to visitors in the waiting areas, and instantaneously updating content across the school.

Physical posters, uploading content on USBs, and other archaic solutions are no longer time-efficient or cost effective.

Education AV Digital Signage Solutions

K2AV has designed, installed, and maintained the largest abstract video wall in the southern hemisphere with 41 screens. View this video wall here.

Having experience deploying the most complex digital signage solutions in high-end retail, corporate, and large campuses with varying uses. It has allowed our team to use that knowledge develop simple, easy to use, yet equally powerful digital signage packages at a small cost that improve efficiency, add value, and enhance the experience in an education facility.

Many existing projectors in classrooms can be utilised as digital signage displays. With in-built features, and other requiring small hardware add-ons – it can allow the executive team at a school to real-time broadcast, message, or provide updates across the school.

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Things have changed with digital signage softwares recently. Today it is as difficult as uploading content, selecting screens, and scheduling times.

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