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A bar, club, or pub’s business is reliant on the quality of its music. Which is determined by the investment the venue has made into its sound system. There’s nothing worse than an entertainment venue with a poor audio visual setup.

It is a recipe for disaster, with the sizeable investment that it takes to set up such a space, it is imperative to put aside a budget for a quality audio visual setup that aids the customer experience.

Large Venue Bar, Club & Pub Solutions

With K2AV’s directors having investments in bars and clubs in Perth and around the world, the team has been intricately involved with not only the AV solution, but the entire aesthetics, that make for a successful customer experience.

Using an array of hardware solutions – ranging from digital signage, video walls, control systems, lighting, to interactivity – the audio visual design can be the competitive advantage one bar, club, and/or pub can have above its competitors.

At the push of a button, control all items in your room. Having preset configurations allows you to have your system setup for a common type of presentation or event without needing to set up several bits of equipment. One touch does it all. Easily achieve the results you need without the need for a dozen remote controls. Having your system integrated with a wall mount or LCD touch screen controller enables you to manage your venue efficiently. With the ability to customise the controller to activate and power off certain equipment, branded with your own company colours and logo, it will become a seamless part of the venue.


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Our Large Venue Solutions


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