Large Venue Projection

Large projection images were cost-prohibitive even 2 or 3 years ago, now, for example, a 210″ display image is accessible even for nimble organisations.

Large spaces require the right equipment to handle the larger dimensions and demand for brighter, bolder and robust technology. Our range of large venue projectors cover all kinds of scenarios with various mounting options. Guaranteed to throw a cinematic quality image, and offering up to 27M wide on some models, complemented with motorized drop down screens and an appropriately designed integration system there is no space we can’t help activate to produce results for your organisation.

Large Venue Projection Solutions

K2AV’s team has installed more projection solutions across the state than any other AV provider. With large venue solutions being the most activated spaces for organisations lately.

Projection for image sizes of 100″ to 210″ is now affordable for most organisations. Projection is the most cost-effective means of creating a large image for everyone in the area to see. And with the brightness of these projectors, it is a thing of the past, that natural light will prohibit visibility.

Most commonly used type of projection solution is the ultra short throw projector. This is wall-mounted, slightly above the image, and has the ability to project up to a 130″ image. This solution is suitable for most small to medium sized venues.

With the proximity of the projector to the image itself, the requirement of the projector to be as bright, is not necessary. Hence a crisp, bright, and high quality image can be achieved without spending a fortune.


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Our Large Venue Solutions


Best to start with detailing the functionality you need, or even the purposes the space will serve. If you can list that down, we can essentially do the rest for you.

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