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There is nothing that compares with the WOW factor of a large LED custom-designed wall. For whole-school assemblies, live performances, or collaboration spaces which requires a large display – LED wall solutions are modular so they can be designed to the right size and resolution for the space in question.

Similar to the large displays you see in shopping malls, or the LED solutions you see at the edge of sports venues for advertising – these solution are virtually damage proof, brighter than any other display, and modular, so if one section of the wall needs to be replaced, it can be done in a matter of minutes.

Education AV LED Wall Solutions

K2AV was one of the earliest drivers of this technology into WA schools – installing the largest LED Wall in a public school in 2015. Now there are many companies that have spawned that do LED wall solutions.

It is a very specialist skill that requires in depth engineering and structural fabrication to execute an LED wall solution properly. With years of experience and a dedicated partnership with an LED manufacturer, we have the most cost-effective means of deploying an LED wall solution for virtually any budget.

An LED Wall can turn a gymnasium into a large assembly, or staff gathering space, where presentations, videos, and other items can be discussed. Furthermore the damage-proof nature of an LED solution means that even with balls and other projectiles thrown at the display, this display will remain intact for 10+ years, without any maintenance, or upkeep.

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