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Video Conferencing Perth | Improving Meeting Room AV Equipment

Video Conferencing Perth in 2022. Improving your Meeting Room Audio Visual Equipment

The best Perth video conferencing equipment for your meeting room in 2022, the Logitech Rally Bar.

Logitech Rally Bar, our choice for our office and meeting room, and what Audio Visual in Video Conferencing looks like in 2022.

It wasn’t many years ago when we moved into our new office and found ourselves needing an abundance of products to work together, to give our clients face-to-face Video Conferencing Perth. So, we installed a solution to our Meeting Room Perth. We installed a video conferencing sound bar, to optimise our customer experience and keep the connection the clients. Logitech was the first to release an all-in-one video conferencing sound bar, that had the camera, microphone, and audio. Everything was built in. This Logitech Rally Bar is the latest and most advanced version of that solution.

This device is an especially advanced solution, which doesn’t need your laptop or device to be in the room for the video conference to start. The Android operating system built-in means that if you’re using zoom or using teams, you just plug in your credentials, connect to your display and use a wireless keyboard or mouse. Alternatively, If you have an Interactive Screen, just start the conference off and you’re off and running.

Aesthetically, this product is beautiful with its slick and simplistic design. We know that people may think that the audio and video capabilities would be compromised in the name of a stylish design, but fear not! The Logitech Rally Camera is one of the best video conferencing cameras, built into this system, with microphones that can virtually capture anyone in the room, with up to 4.5 meters of crystal-clear audio which suppresses background and peripheral noise. The amplification is amazing, sounding beautiful and letting you hear any content clearly as you enjoy the speaker’s best feature.

The best feature of the Logitech Rally Sound Bar is the small camera beside the main camera, which is the AI viewfinder, which automatically tracks the main speaker or speakers that are in the room. Automatically framing the speaker stops you from needing to fiddle around with a remote to capture the person talking, instead letting you take in what is being said. Not only adjusting the camera, but the Logitech Rally Bar automatically adjusts the lighting with its right sense technology. We know that every boardroom is different, just as every meeting room is, so our Audio Visual systems accommodates for these changes in the environment, by enhancing the lighting and condition so that everyone looks their best and so that everyone can be heard clearly by the far end.

Over the last year, K2 Audio Visual Perth has continuously installed these Logitech Rally Bars because people know how good they are. Since COVID-19 came along and things moved to be more remote, the world of business, meeting rooms and video conferencing has changed to be digital, including zoom meeting rooms and zoom conferencing, Microsoft Teams Meetings etc. Installing over 3,000 of these bars in the last 12 months due to this shift, the Logitech Rally Bar has been the easiest to install. The clean cable retention made the installation of these bars easy, helping to get you up and running right out of the box.
But on to the important point., dollars and cents.

Our Logitech Rally Bar is more expensive than some of our competitors (i.e., Creston Video Sound Bars and Poly Video Sound Bars), but we would like to believe that this is rightfully so, as the Logitech Sound Bar comes with an abundance of features that you are not going to get with competing sound bars. Our bar comes paired with the Logitech Tap Product which is the touchscreen that makes it very easy to walk into the boardroom, click a button, and get things up and running.

The Logitech Rally Bar and the Logitech Tap System are around $9,500 RRP. Taking away the Tap System, the Logitech Rally Bar is roughly $5,600 RRP. If that’s out of your budget, that’s okay because we offer a Logitech Rally Mini product which is essentially the same unit, with the point of difference being the camera is designed for a smaller room with a wider view for $4,500 RRP. If the room is small and that option is still out of your budget, we offer the Logitech Meetup Product which is smaller, with no operating system built in and a lower quality camera for under $2,000 RRP.

Watch our full video on the Logitech Rally Bar on our YouTube channel here.

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