Perth Teacher Features on Eminem’s New Album

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Ex Perth school teacher’s achievement that educators are applauding

Ex school teacher from Perth features on Eminem’s new album. Donna Burke, an ex-high school teacher who grew up in Doubleview and now lives in Tokyo Japan, has had her vocals sampled on Eminem’s new album Kamikaze on a song titled Good Guy.
“I’m shocked and happy to think that Glassy Sky is being heard by..well Eminem for’s so fun and completely out of left field! I couldn’t make this up…!”


An online tool educators are using (while giving back to education!)

Giving Docs – creating a Last Will and Testament online. A critical, yet commonly ignored, task of estate planning which on average costs $500 of lawyer fees can now be done online in 10 minutes using this freebie. Even though the tool is legally binding for US states, once completed, the template can be printed and submitted to a local attorney to minimise billable charges. Importantly – distributions can be made to the causes you care about – such as education organisations.


Where teachers find movies, documentaries, and education related programming

Enhance TV. A collection of video resources linked to the Australian curriculum completely searchable by subject area, and age. Also free for 12 months for teachers.


Coding templates educators are using to run their own coding lessons

Below are two ready-to-go coding projects developed by local Perth educator Daniel Budd:

  1. Create the Space Invaders game using Swift Playgrounds, and,
  2. Map earthquake data on Swift Playgrounds

Exciting projects like this can serve as a foot in the door for students to develop an interest in coding, or alternatively maintain motivation through variety. There are further resources developed by Daniel to help with the coding curriculum – highly recommended is the iBook Swift Playgrounds in the Classroom as a step by step guide.


Most shared education articles

9yo refuses to stand because national anthem is for ‘white people of Australia’, and,
Heavily decorated classrooms disrupt attention and learning in young children.

P.S. Enjoy the upcoming term break, and if your school is still using Smartboards in the classrooms – here’s an offer you’ll find useful (or at least amusing!).


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