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The Best Work From Home Meeting Room Set Up – Audio Visual Solutions Perth

The Best Work From Home Meeting Room Set Up – Audio Visual Equipment Perth

Everything you need to upgrade your home office and Perth meeting room set up to increase productivity. Logitech Wireless Zone Headset, Brio 4K Webcam, MX Series Keyboard and Mouse. Audio Visual Perth.

We were challenged to come up with the best Work From Home Audiovisual Perth package for under $1,000. Our aim was to achieve audio quality, video quality and productivity, to resemble something a commercial solution can achieve, for a fraction of the price. We’ve selected 4 products and these are 4 products using day in, day out. The most important of that is audio. So, let’s jump into that right away.

Work from Home Audio Solution – Headset

To come across as a professional, your audio needs to be clear and the product that’s going to achieve that is the Wireless Zone Over The Ear Headset by Logitech. Now, the reason we’ve selected this is the microphone is very close to your mouth so the far end can hear you clearly at all times. It has a 30 meter range so you’re not tethered to your desk, you can continue your conference while you’re walking around but what’s really awesome about it is the functionality that when you’re talking, you bring the mic down. When you’re done, mute on and you can move it away. It has very soft over the ear pieces so it feels comfortable, feels sturdy, and at the same time, while working from home, there’s a lot of noises – an Amazon delivery drivers come in, someone’s knocking on your door, your cat’s going wild – whatever it is, you can press active noise cancellation and everything around you disappears. So to hear clearly the far end and to be able to be heard clearly, this is a great solution that’s going to achieve the audio side of this entire package.

Work From Home Visual Solution – Camera

To look professional not only do you need to sound great, you need to also look great. What a lot of organizations and people working from home for those organizations don’t realise is when the far end can’t see you clearly and it doesn’t look great, that unfortunately poorly reflects on your business. Now a lot of the work from home webcams are either a clunky pixelated camera that you can barely see the other person in. They sit on a tripod and they are on an angle and the viewing is just under your chin. They don’t have a good rest and they take too much space on your desk. So for the second part of the solution and the second product is the Logitech Brio 4K Webcam. For value for money, one of the best products out there for people who WFH. It’s got a very strong clip, you can put it on top of your laptop, on your extended display and you’re not having to calibrate where it’s sitting each time you start a conference. Turn it on ready to go. It takes up no desk space and it looks like a clear DSLR image being captured from this small webcam device. The best part about this product is it comes built with Logitech’s right sense technology which means you’re not messing around with exposure, lighting and filters, it does all of that for you to make you look your best without you needing to do anything.

Work From Home Solution – Keyboard and Mouse

Now, I know at the top I said four devices which means there’s two remaining and the two are a keyboard and a mouse and I know you’re wondering, why do we need a keyboard and a mouse? I have a keyboard and a mouse. The advantage of the Logitech MX Series of keyboard and mouse is they can simultaneously connect to three devices at once which means you could be typing on your laptop and quickly switch to an Email on your tablet then switch to sending a message on your smartphone without having to mess your workflow. You’re doing it seamlessly. As you know, most WFH keyboards are flimsy. You type, they move all around your desk. This keyboard is built strong, has really strong rubber feet so that when you’re typing, it doesn’t move anywhere and I’m someone who likes enjoying the touch of the keys. So it’s enjoyable to type on and the mouse is something unique because it’s built for the shape of your hand, ergonomic friendly. You’re not always craning your elbow into different positions just to get to the part of the screen that you want to get to. It’s very easy to move seamlessly between all three screens and devices you’re working on it’s quick, it’s productive and it’s precise.

And what you may have noticed is yes all the products are Logitech. And there’s a reason why we’ve selected all the same brand is two fold;

1. Single Dongle

One is you plug a single dongle into your USB A port and all these 4 devices are connected. So you’re not having 4 different dongles from 4 different devices, that just becomes messy and very annoying.

2. Logi Tune App

And the second advantage is you have the Logi Tune App. Which means you can see all the devices that are currently connected. You can go in there and customise your settings to sound how you want to sound to the far end, how the camera looks, the filters that are being used by the camera, how far you zoomed in, how fast your mouse moves and how your keys feel, all of the customization to suit your requirements.

WFH Set Up Cost

Now on to the price. if you select the earbud option that is $865 plus GST if you however upgrade to the option we recommend which is the headset that is $1,095 plus GST now what this does include is free delivery to anywhere in the Perth metro area the advantage of that is you’re not picking up different items off the shelf at different stores ordering one thing off Amazon, another from another store and then waiting for all them to arrive at different times trying to get them to integrate. These all get delivered at once, plug them in, you’re ready to go. Now, if you’re not located in the Perth metro area, we would still highly recommend you get this package. It is the best value for money to achieve close to a commercial level of work-from-home audio visual capability that we can find out there in the market and if you purchase this package from us, it includes our support to help you get the best out of the solution that you possibly can while working from home to increase productivity so that you can hit your goals.

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